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Friday, October 30, 2009



Depending on how long you have been with me you may recognize this adorable face. If you dont, no worries, I hardly did either. This kid is growing so fast! Miles is three now but honestly, he looks older. He is so tall and getting more and more handsome as he grows. He is filled with energy and has such a sweet personality. It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with him and his mom.

Isn't three just the perfect age???

Be sure to check out the rest by clicking HERE! Hurry, you dont want to miss these! (But you will unless you have the password. Sorry. )


The Barrio Family

I was so happy to finally get the chance to photograph the Barrio Family. Thanks to the Recession Sessions, we were finally able to set up a time for some photo snapping action. While photographing this family I was struck by the closeness that they share. Mom and Dad are understandably smitten with their beautiful baby boy and the three of them together, focusing on each other made for a very lovely morning.

For all of us.

Not quite enough? That figures. Click HERE for more more more. :) (However, without the password you will be sad sad sad.)

Friday, October 23, 2009


Canning and Crocs

When Zina contacted me about doing generational pictures of her parents, daughters and grand daughters, I was only too thrilled! We incorporated some important family heirlooms into the photos such as the quilt backdrop and the canned produce. Zina's parents have always helped her and her family can their fruit every year. This is a tradition that we wanted to document in these photos so as to emphasize the importance of this practice in their family.

And don't forget to check out how awesome we all are in our crocs. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The *T* Family

Imagine how thrilled I was to have arrived at our location and this gorgeous family stepped out of their car dressed to the nines! They looked amazing, perfectly matching the gorgeous scenery and perfectly complimenting one another. I was a little obsessive when it came to taking their photos. I just couldn't stop!

Wanna see why? I thought so.

If you happen to be lucky enough to know this family personally then maybe you can ask them for the password to view all of their lovely images. :) Click HERE to check 'em out.


Recession Session Update

It's the middle of October and the Recession Sessions are in full swing. They filled up so quickly and I am officially announcing that I am fully booked for the rest of this month. However, if you are still interested in having your family pictures taken this fall and would still like to get a great deal, contact me.

If you book your November photo session during the month of October, the session fee is $200 for your immediate family. This will include an 1-2 hour photo session at the location of your choice. In addition, you will still receive your choice of your two favorite high images on a disc with a signed release form so you can print all of your Christmas card inserts without any hassle. Also included is a low res disk (not suitable for printing) with all of the selected images from our session together. Prints and enlargements are always available for purchase of course.

Drop me an email to get something scheduled.

As a side note, we spent last weekend in sunny St. George and I just loved this image of Isaiah on the golf course...

Sunday, October 18, 2009


The Stamper Family

I really enjoy taking family portraits.

Wait, let me sit with that for a moment.

Ok, it's true. I really really do!

It is so fun to see the dynamic that each family has with one another.
Every family has so much love for each other but the ways of expression are different in every case.
That is what I love the most.
Discovering the special ways that each family shows love for one another and then aiming to capture it on film.
Well, on sensor. :)

Alisha is my dear friend who is also a photographer. She specializes in large format film photography which is so dang cool if you ask me. This photo shoot provided me my first opportunity to have her whole family together and to meet her very loving husband. It was a joy to watch how he was able to light up both is wife and his son. They all laughed for much of our time together.

The whole family (including the bun in the oven) came together for some of the most beautiful light of the day (which I was obsessed with), on this gorgeous, October morning. I was so glad to have been there to document the love.


Monday, October 12, 2009


The Thalman Family

Words cant possibly describe the amount of fun I had while photographing one of my most favorite families, the Thalmans. The mix of the fall colors and the first snow of the season truly made for one of the most beautiful days to take pictures. Our day together was filled with unexpected moments that can only be described as The Thalmans Gone Wild!

I still laugh when I think about the craziness that occurred that day. *Sigh*

The whole experience was a pleasure and a joy and my hope is that the fun we had together and the love these three have for one another shines through in these photos.


If you love the Thalmans as much as I do and you want to have a print from this session for your very own click HERE.

In addition, Ashley put together a slide show for all of you curious types to watch and enjoy. To view it please click HERE, and let me just add, you wont want to miss this!


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