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Monday, November 17, 2008


Messy Miles

For this photo shoot with Miles it was first things first. Give him a sucker, have him get all sticky and messy, then let him play in the dirt and have him wipe those dirty hands all over his face. As soon as the "make-up" was done, it was time to start shooting away. : )

Miles is my friend Alexis's son and if you couldn't tell on your own, he is so darn cute! He wanted nothing but to play play play and if I even tried to "set up a picture" he would immediately cover his face with his hands and cry. Then occasionally peek through his hands to see if we were watching. ; ) I'm telling you, it was so adorable. This photo shoot was such a blast. I had a really hard time choosing what pics to post because there are so many good ones. I guess thats what happens when you have a freakin' cute kid!!

Also new to this post...I'm trying out a new watermark. What do you think? Is it too obtrusive? Distracting? Or do you like it? I would love some feedback.

Dying over the first shot. I've been on the look out for a good tube. You'll have to fill me in.
Seriously. Amazing. Kiera you are so talented! 2nd 4th 5th are my favorites but honestly they all look awesome!
I love the black and white of him crying(?) and mom consoling with the reflections in the water. And the tubes. And that last one.

I like the water mark. Sometimes it was a little distracting, but other times just fine. I personally like it at the top or bottom of the pic.
So awesome Kiera. The only time I get excited about my family being "shot" outside of a mall place is when I come here to see your pics. I love them so much. And I like the watermark on the bottom right hand corner.
I like the water mark on the 2nd & the last 2 & one other one in the middle; the ones where the print is a little smaller and the font color kind of matches the background, in the other ones it's a little distracting. Just my opinion.
I agree with you Aubrey. Thanks for the input everyone.
What great pictures! You did fabulous! I loke the watermark.
just perfect. my mom won't take a picture unless everything is JUST.SO with the kids. hence the fact that she has 3 pictures of my four children.

you've captured HIM. just perfect.
also... do you have a flickr account?
You had so many great ideas for this photoshoot! I love how your stuff doesn't look like everyone elses.
I think the watermark is fine, and prevents people from stealing your great work.
ohmigosh- so crystal clear on the close up eyes shots- i can't wait to learn how to do that for my girlies with my christmas will be a mentor for me once i get that dang expensive thing!
Kiera, these are some of my favorite I've ever seen from you!! The lighting, the location, the model are all perfect. I prefer the watermark a little smaller and maybe in some adjust the transparency so that it doesn't distract. Is the watermark only for the posted pics or also for the printed ones?
Jenica, No, I don't. Should I?

Marianne, A new camera? How exciting!

Thanks Jess!! The watermark is only for web pics. I agree whole heartedly, I will be adjusting the size and opacity. I was just experimenting.
: )
these are so fun! you rock!
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