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Friday, June 25, 2010


Ariel and Steve's Bridals

OH MY! I cant tell you how excited I am for Ariel and Steve's wedding next month. Look at this beautiful couple! I absolutely love taking their pictures. Plus, they are so happy together and always laughing and it just makes my job sooooo easy.

For their bridal session last night we took a big risk and drove 40 minutes south to Mona for lavender days. I had never been there before. I had only heard about all the gorgeous lavender. I imagined fragrant fields of purple and green with Ariel all luminescent in white standing amidst all the beauty....

It wasn't like that. The lavender hasn't bloomed yet, we were about a month early. However, we found a gorgeously groomed farm that we were able to wander around in. The light was spectacular!!

I tore through these images today, editing with an enthusiasm that only comes when I am super pleased with the outcome of the session. (And when I have vacations planned and family visiting from out of town over the next 3 weeks so if I didn't do them today Im not sure when they would have gotten done.)

With a bride as beautiful as Ariel and light as gorgeous as this, can you blame me?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Free Running with Matias

Today was the first day of filming for Matias' up coming Parkour video debut.
I am the official photographer on set and my sister Tavia is behind the iPhone G4 making all the video magic come to life.
In HD no less.
I will post the video as soon as its ready.
We have high hopes that it will hit a million views on You Tube. ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The Chappell Family

A week ago, I photographed the Chappell family on their beautiful, bounteous land in Alpine.
It is scenic!
It's spectacular!
It's filled to the brim with rampant ragweed!!
My allergies were kicked into overdrive x 1,000,000 while in these hills but I didnt care.
I snapped my camera in between frenzied bouts of sneezing.
I used my sleeve as a kleenex.
I rubbed my eyes until they were raw.
Whatever it took to be on this ridge, with this family, in this light, with these dramatic clouds in the background.

You would have done the same if you were me.

Monday, June 14, 2010



Steven ran a half marathon on Saturday! I am so proud of him. He beat his previous time by more than 20 minutes.

That morning I rushed around the house getting the kids ready so that we could go meet him at the finish line. I had wanted to be there by 7:45 so that I'd have plenty of time to park, get photos of him running, and of course crossing the finish line. Well, with 3 sleepy kids and an empty tank of gas, I didn't roll in there until closer to 8. Parking was nearly impossible and time was ticking away! I frantically raced the kids to the finish line and by some miracle we walked up just in time to see him just after he crossed the finish line. I whipped out my camera and shot this photo.

I didn't even have the time to make any camera adjustments before I had to start shooting but by some miracle, my settings were pretty much spot on. Lucky me.

I'm so proud of my hubby. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Annie and Angela

These two beautiful sisters kindly modeled for our May episode of Click Clique.

Oh my, such pretty pretty ladies. ;)


An Old Photo

I somehow remembered the user name and password for my old photobucket account today.
Talk about a blast from the past.

A few weeks ago it snowed out of the blue at the end of May.
Damn Utah spring weather.
It seriously felt like, on that day, we had warped back in time three months.
I had to shovel my driveway that day like I did everyday in the winter.
I wasn't too happy about it.
That was also the day that favored branches in our yard snapped under the weight of the water drenched snow.
Again, not too happy about that.

On that day, this photo came to my mind and now here it is.
For you.

Now this?
I'm happy about this. :)

Friday, June 4, 2010


Click Clique: May

I have yet to edit these photos, but this one caught my eye in passing so I thought I'd pay a little tribute to Click Clique and post it.
Dear Click Clique,
Oh how I love our get togethers.
You complete me.
Love, Me.


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