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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


An Old Photo

I somehow remembered the user name and password for my old photobucket account today.
Talk about a blast from the past.

A few weeks ago it snowed out of the blue at the end of May.
Damn Utah spring weather.
It seriously felt like, on that day, we had warped back in time three months.
I had to shovel my driveway that day like I did everyday in the winter.
I wasn't too happy about it.
That was also the day that favored branches in our yard snapped under the weight of the water drenched snow.
Again, not too happy about that.

On that day, this photo came to my mind and now here it is.
For you.

Now this?
I'm happy about this. :)

Love this photo, Kiera!! The snow and the tint and her pose are PERFECT. Beautiful.
I remember this one. Love it so much.
I tottaly remember staring at this photo! its so precious!!
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