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Sunday, May 30, 2010


The Krantz Family

I met the Krantz family in the orchard yesterday evening for my first Candyman mini session to benefit my dear friends, the Ashby family.
The weather has been so uncooperative lately and after having to reschedule once already, I was thrilled that it was finally a beautiful sunny day (despite being a little windy and lets face it, TOO COLD for the end of May).

It was great to meet the families who chose to participate in this fund raiser and to take their pictures. I had so much fun!

Nicole kind of stole the show but rest assured, we got some nice family pictures as well. :) The last two picture are to die for!! Enjoy...

Thanks again Krantz family, for being a part of this project. I really appreciate your willingness to contribute. :)


The Brewster Family

The second family I had the opportunity to work with were these two. Models basically. Seriously, I don't know that I have ever taken pictures of two people more natural and relaxed in front of the camera.
Of course it helps that they are both so beautiful to look at.
I did very little directing with these two and instead just watched in awe as this mother and son gave me some of the most authentic and beautiful moments to take pictures of.
I had tears in my eyes when I was going through their photos, no kidding.
I just couldn't help but think of my sweet little 8 year old Isaiah and how the love these two have for each other reflected my feelings for my own son.
Now if only I could get him out in front of the camera with me.....hummmmmm. I'll need to think of some good bribery before that happens. :)

Thank you sooo much Brewsters, for allowing me into your beautiful life and enabling me to witness the sweet relationship you have together.

I still have two more of these mini sessions to do. Because of the funky weather I have had to reschedule with a couple of families. I hope to have more to post in a week or so.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Ariel and Steve Engagements

Ariel is one of my favorite people.
She first came into my life when she bought my 40D camera from me a couple years ago.
Wow. Has it been that long?
Later we did a mentoring session together because Ariel loves photography and wanted me to help her with some basics.
Now, I had the privilege of taking her engagement pictures.
We had so much fun together.
Ariel had a very good idea of what she wanted and thankfully that illusive sun (as of late) was shining bright so we were able to work the flare!
One of my favorite things to do.
Then I had this bright idea that we needed to get ice cream.
Steve caught onto my vision right away and from that point I did very little directing.
I just watched and clicked my camera while these two love birds enjoyed their cones and each other. :)))

Then things got a little crazy.
Bring on the silly.

These sequences made me laugh.
Ariel's expressions are perfect!
We all had fun. However, Steve REALLY enjoyed himself. :)
I guess thats what reliving your childhood will do for ya.

The wedding is in July... :)


My Family: Portraits

I just ordered 5 16x20 prints of our family portraits we had taken in November of last year. These stunning images are the product of a specialty large format camera, 4x5 black and white film, and of course, the amazing talent and skill of my dear friend Alisha Stamper. I am sooooo excited to hang this series on my walls.

Oh and by the way....

Alisha is having a SALE on her portrait commissions. You can get large format prints of your very own for next to nothing. This is an amazing offer that I urge you to take advantage of.
Consider it. This is great opportunity to get timeless, and unique photography for your home. Plus, Alisha is awesome. You should meet her. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Adam and Laurie Wedding

This was a beautiful wedding held in Sundance, Utah on a gorgeous Sunday evening in early May.
It will likely not be forgotten anytime soon by anyone who was in attendance.
It was a true celebration of family, friends and LOVE!!
Lots of Love.
A party that will go down in the history books for sure. :)

Hang on tight because I posted A LOT of photos. Enjoy!

Thanks to Ashley Thalman for second shooting this wedding with me! I wouldn't have wanted to do it alone because we had so much more fun together.


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