Peace and Pandemonium

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The Chappell Family

A week ago, I photographed the Chappell family on their beautiful, bounteous land in Alpine.
It is scenic!
It's spectacular!
It's filled to the brim with rampant ragweed!!
My allergies were kicked into overdrive x 1,000,000 while in these hills but I didnt care.
I snapped my camera in between frenzied bouts of sneezing.
I used my sleeve as a kleenex.
I rubbed my eyes until they were raw.
Whatever it took to be on this ridge, with this family, in this light, with these dramatic clouds in the background.

You would have done the same if you were me.

I hope you have recovered. Saying thank you is not enough, but its all I got, THANK YOU!
Let me say something right now. At 3 am. Because, well, it needs to be said. Ready?

"You would have done the same if you were me. "

Yes, if we were you we would:
...go the extra mile for the shot.
...have a mind that is unique, compassionate and innovative. people and reflect that in our images.

that big sky is breathtaking, it really is! Love the somewhat moody look of the last picture.
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