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Friday, October 30, 2009



Depending on how long you have been with me you may recognize this adorable face. If you dont, no worries, I hardly did either. This kid is growing so fast! Miles is three now but honestly, he looks older. He is so tall and getting more and more handsome as he grows. He is filled with energy and has such a sweet personality. It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with him and his mom.

Isn't three just the perfect age???

Be sure to check out the rest by clicking HERE! Hurry, you dont want to miss these! (But you will unless you have the password. Sorry. )

I LOVE the picture of them lying down in the leaves. Perfection.
ok, the leaves image is seriously AMAZING!!! i am so loveing all your images lately, we missed you after your little break! =)
what a cutie! and the tilt shift pic is simply amazing.
That image of the two of them lying in the leaves taken with your tilt-shift lens is one of my favorite pictures you've ever taken. Wow. What a lucky mother to have such a great photograph.
i get so giddy everytime someone says how much they like the the shot i thought of! maybe i do have a tiny ounce of creativity :)

I love these kiera sooo much, everyone is so excited to order the prints!
fantastic! keep it up
He does look familiar.....


How are you? You've been a stranger, hope you're doing well. Love the new header pic!!!!
I love the ones with the leaves everywhere- looking at the comments everyone does!
I thought I commented on this already? Love the backlit shots of course....I wish I could look at the pictures while I commented so I could talk about each one.
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