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Monday, October 12, 2009


The Thalman Family

Words cant possibly describe the amount of fun I had while photographing one of my most favorite families, the Thalmans. The mix of the fall colors and the first snow of the season truly made for one of the most beautiful days to take pictures. Our day together was filled with unexpected moments that can only be described as The Thalmans Gone Wild!

I still laugh when I think about the craziness that occurred that day. *Sigh*

The whole experience was a pleasure and a joy and my hope is that the fun we had together and the love these three have for one another shines through in these photos.


If you love the Thalmans as much as I do and you want to have a print from this session for your very own click HERE.

In addition, Ashley put together a slide show for all of you curious types to watch and enjoy. To view it please click HERE, and let me just add, you wont want to miss this!

Ha HA! The Thalmans gone wild indeed! We really had so much fun and Kiera, we love you. We feel so lucky to have had you and your fine talent capture us- and capture us you did. How lucky were we to have such great weather and the perfect photographer who knew just how to communicate our relationships. So lucky.
i can hear ashley's laugh. ;-)
so much fun, you really captured them perfectly.
wow Kiera, you have taken so many great photos lately! Ashley and her family are adorable, you captured them perfectly and I absolutely love the wedding photos! beautiful!
Kiera, you are amazing! Just so much fun stuff in there I don't know where to start.
kiera, these are absolutely INCREDIBLE. i just LOVE them!!! you are seriously SUCH a gifted photographer. and person. seriously, when are we ever going to hang out? =)
these are so unbelievably adorable!
Where were these taken? It's BEAUTIFUL!!
man, I want my pictures taken there now! Beautiful background and people!
Kiera!!! It's been too long since I have visited your blog. I wanted to tell you how much I love JD & Michelle's wedding photos! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!! I hope you are well!!
These are fantastic!! I think my favorite is the huck finn-esque one. That's hilarious. What a fun family.
Oh Kiera, that scenery is incredible AND they look like so much fun. I love the one where the momma and baby have the same exact expression on. You're so talented.
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