Peace and Pandemonium

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



My good comes to me as people, as events, as opportunities.
My good comes to me as wise council, as friendship, as passion and delight.
I honor my good by recognizing its many forms.
I am grateful and attentive to the abundant good of life!

I have a little bit more information for those of you who are going to participate in my upcoming photography project which I am entitling.

Eyes: The Window to the Soul.

Since putting the idea out there last week I have received many emails from willing subjects. To this response I have to say THANK YOU!! I am so excited about this idea and am really looking forward to its commencement. Over the past week I have been doing a lot of contemplating and conceptualizing. My desire is to set firm boundaries for myself and for the purpose of this project and then explore every inch within those parameters. I will be asking all who participate to do the very same. I dont want to say too much here on the blog but please be on the look out for an email with full details coming very soon. I will be divuldging the full spectrum of my idea and it will be at that point that you can decide if you are willing to dig deep with me. I know I said it will be easy. And it will. But there will be some work required of in any portrait session. :) One of the most compelling reasons for me to do this project with you is to MEET YOU! To get to know you better. For that, I cant wait!

If you are hearing about this project for the first time today or if you just didn't express your interest last week, I am still looking for participants. Please send me an email confirming your desire to be seen so that I can be sure to send you all the info you will need.

SO excited to see and hear more about your newest project!! :-) BTW, that Asher-boy is seriously GORGE and he comes by it honestly, doesn't he?! :-)
It was so fun to catch up on all your new posts! This picture is so captivating and your baby is adorable! Love your new project idea! And I am one of those that always looks at the clock at 11:11, I like to think it means something of luck!
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