Peace and Pandemonium

Saturday, January 1, 2011


One. One. Eleven.

Our eyes are the window to our souls.

I am fascinated with the eye.
The shape.
The color.
The variances of color.
The pupil.
The iris.
It's reaction to light.
Crows feet.
The lashes.
The eyebrow.
The dark circles.
The thoughts behind.
The images perceived.
Sight in general.

I am captivated by the truth.
Speaking the truth.
Hearing the truth.
Knowing the truth.
Observing the truth.
Photographing the truth.

In 2011, I want to use photography to capture authenticity and the truth behind every person.
I want to photograph real people. Real situations. Real emotions.
I intend to pursue more personal work this year.
I've already mentioned making a greater effort to photograph my boys who always seem to elude my camera.
In addition to that I want to use photography to explore myself more deeply. Who am I?
I want to answer this question through photography.
I'm not sure what I'll uncover but I have a few questions that I am already looking to explore.

So, to start me out on the road to self discovery, I intend to discover a little more about you.
Yes you!
Here is the thought...
It's super simple.
I want to photograph your eye.
Um, yeah. I told you it was simple.
I also want to talk to you and get to know who you are but my intentions are clear.

I want to see you.

Please email me if you have an interest in being photographed for my very first personal project. It will be fun. EYE guarantee it. (Har de har har. )

ummm. i want to!
Eye'm in.
love this project! i want to do it. i'll email you.
How awesome! AND I'm pretty sure your family all have the prettiest eyes!!!
obviously i'm in.
I love this idea! You can count me in.
Um, Asher's eye(s) are blue! and Matias has a 'stache.
Funny thing...Isaiah wanted me to edit out his mustache.
man, my eyes have been so heavy lately, otherwise i'd be quick to say yes, me me!
but then again, you did say you wanted real emotion right?
and my jonas? has theeee most incredible eyes. he'd be happy to participate:)
i'll email you for deets.
perfect personal project!! i can't wait to see the outcome. and if you need more eyeballs to photograph, i have two of them. they'd love to participate. =)
I love it! I can't wait to see your photos! You truly have a talent for capturing people in their rawest, truest form.

And if I lived closer, I'd totally let you photograph my eyes.
What a great concept! Someday when I'm a photography teacher I will give this assignment to my students!

(you don't mind, right?) ;-)

Oh and, let me know if you need more eyes
Love this Kiera! I'd love to have you do some of our fam if you still need more - we're definitely in need of new shots from you one way or the other! (It's been way too long!)
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