Peace and Pandemonium

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The McKenzie Family

The weather played a huge trick on us this day.
Sunny and gorgeous all day and then as soon as our session was to start, the thick darkness rolled in.
Again, Im not one to step away from a fight and neither were the McKenzies.
We faced those clouds with no fear.
In this case however, the weather kind of won.
It was rainy, super windy, cold, and way dark at 5 o'clock.
Not perfect picture taking conditions.
We powered through and still got some great shots though.
Here's the proof...

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They turned out gorgeous!
I LOVE that tree! That first picture is wonderful and kind of Halloween-esque. Awesome!
oh how i love that woman and her family. beautiful!
Do you know what's weird? I remember driving by a girl taking pictures, and it looked just like you. And these look like the same people. Bizarre.
I especially love the first one with the mother so central, surrounded by children all relaxed and happy. Beautiful!
Best tree Ever!!!
and I love the wind blown one of mother in the background
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