Peace and Pandemonium

Saturday, October 16, 2010


The Hollis Family

Picture this.....
Dark threatening storm clouds were rolling in from the west. It was obvious that the rain was coming, potentially more. Instead of going in the other direction to possibly postpone this potentially negative effect on our photo shoot, we drove right into it. Straight into the eye of the storm.
Yeah, thats how I roll. No fear! :)

To my delight, the blue grey overcast sky brought out the saturated jewel tone colors of the clothing worn by this handsome family and when it did finally rain, it didn't last too long and it only sprinkled. Everyone was such a good sport and it ended up being a great day for a shoot. I was so happy to get out and work with the Hollis family. I really enjoyed the afternoon.
Thanks Michelle and Fam! It was wonderful to meet you. :)

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Thanks so much for taking our pictures on such an interresting day. They look great and it was a super fun day.
The colors are incredibly beautiful...
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