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Friday, May 15, 2009


You Ready For This?

Ah yes, Cooper and Priscilla. Two beautiful people. Naturals in front of the camera. Deeply in love. So perfect together!

Do you remember their engagement session last month? Well their wedding is next weekend! The excitement is building and it was so good to get together with them again for their bridal and groomal session. On a side note, why in the world do they call it 'groomals'? I hate that word. So maybe we shouldn't use all that formal language. Instead lets just say that we went out, they were dressed to the nines, and they worked it in front of the camera like pros. Yeah, that's much better.

The following are a selection of my faves, which were very hard to choose by the way, but you should know, the first and the last are at the top of that list. For me, at least. :)

To view more pictures from this shoot and to purchase prints for your very own, please click here. More images to be added in the next day or two.

Beautiful! They are so perfect together and in front of the camera!
I love the whole Poloroid kick you are on right now. It is so fun!
Also, I'm dying to know how you did the last one!!! It's so fun. Did you use a fun lens for that or just your photographic magic? Love it!!!
That last one IS stellar. I love the one of him photographing her, and them deep in the grass.

You blow me away every time!
fantastic! her dress is so beautiful! lucky you!
i love the sun flare one and the one of her walking.
These are so beautiful! I, too, love the first & last one ( did you use a tilt shift lens or lens baby with that one?) but also really love the ones in the large window. GREAT job!!!
Here you go, again. Making something beautiful and original instead of second-hand art. I love these images.
i n c r e d i b l e

i just can't stop looking at them. they are beautiful people. and YOU my dear have captured them with such grace and emotion.

Perfection! How beautiful! I love the grass. You are so talented.
these are fabulous! the one of their kiss from behind is my favorite! they are all so beautiful!
I am so in love with these, you have no idea.

I am in love with the last one.
I love them all and I love her dress! They are a great couple together!
These are really great! I hope we can work together someday!
Those are so beautiful. I love them all, but must say I'm partial to the window shots- probably because those are something I woyld try to do to..but wouldnt succeed as well as you did. That place looks so familiar, but I can't place it.
Oh, and I love her dress!
these are breathtaking... from the first to the last -and all the ones in between!
I love what you've done with this couple (engagement and bridals). So inspiring!!! You are extremely creative and I love looking at your blog regularly...

Hey, let's do lunch.

Me, you, Kate B, and Justin Hackworth.

It will be fun!!!
these are absolutely gorgeous!!
This is my absolute most favorite post of yours! These images are truly beautiful and inspiring images!
Oh my goodness!!! These are amazing! So soft and timeless. Beautiful job!
Hey girl. I've missed ya! These are beautiful, I remembered this couple right away. I LOVE the one of them holding their own photos.
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