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Friday, April 10, 2009


C + P Engagements

Cooper and Priscilla are getting married in May and have hired me to be their wedding photographer! Yay! I'm sooo excited to work with these two. Not only because they are totally photogenic like I mentioned before, but they are also really cool people with an awesome sense of style! This engagement session was too much fun. I didn't want the sun to set. We were all over downtown Provo, lugging around a ridiculously large bag filled with clothes and shoes and what not. So fun! Not only did I get to take some pictures that I am extremely happy with but I got a workout to boot! I love it when that happens. :) In the next few weeks we will be shooting Priscilla's bridals that I can hardly wait for. She designed her own dress and is having it made. The beadwork alone is causing the dressmaker to go blind because it's that intricate. Ok, I'm lying but seriously, be on the lookout for those because they are going to ROCK!

Until then, enjoy the love...

These make me laugh! For those of you who watch ANTM, I was teasing Cooper by asking him to give me those eyes. You know fierceness, smile with your eyes, whatever. His interpretation resulted in the following images. Too funny!!

And last but not least, my personal favorite of the day...

To view more images from this session click here.
To purchase prints click here.

I tore through these images today not only because I was really excited about them but also because tomorrow is Steven and my 8 year anniversary! I can hardly believe it....eight Anyway with it being Easter as well, I knew I wasnt going to have any free time to work on them and I knew that wasn't going to work for me. I was too excited to process all of these images.

Happy Easter to all! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

These are fantastic. I can't even pic a favorite, although that last one with the ring is hot. And isn't Tyra's new thing being "tense"? I love his fierceness, though!! I'm glad you get to work with them!
What a hot couple, I love their style! This session is fantastic. I love to see what you come up with, I want to shoot with you!
i absolutely love these, kiera! you are soooo good. give yourself kudos for a job well done :>)
The one you said is your favorite is my favorite, too. There's some mystery there and I want to linger a bit.
You are amazing, simply amazing!
go go go go go go go go!
I love 'em!
i am a photography blog stalker and i never comment but i have to say i am always impressed with your images. always different and always beautiful. real art without doing the same thing over and over again and without looking incredibly staged. thanks for sharing.
I had soooo much fun talking to you too! I seriously can't wait to get together OFTEN!! These are seriously incredible. Like genius. This gorgeous couple is LUCKY to have you as their wedding phptographer! That is for sure.
Fabulous with a capital F.
WOW! I LOVE these, you are such an artist!
these are sooooooooooooo good!!
mm. I love all of those, especially the variety. I liked the bike tire one, and the stairwell; so cit grung. Don't make me think of Provo at all.
ps haven't watched the last two seasons of ANTM, but I totally know what you're talking about.
She is a natural beauty!!!!!!!!! Wonderful pics of course, too!!
just found your blog....LOVE these photos! what a beautiful couple!
these are great!
i love your artistic eye for things!
you take BEAUTIFUL pictures! and you are right, they are VERY photogenic!!
really really like.
you have a great style.
These are sexy delicious. Love your style!!
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