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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Finally Some Clarity!

I recently discovered a fabulous local photographer named Jessica Kettle and her photography is incredibly beautiful. She's also a very nice person who is willing to share information which is sometimes hard to find in the photography world. I commented in passing about the clarity of her pictures, how they always look so crisp and clean. She emailed me with the reasons why. She told me exactly what she was doing to ensure that her pictures look great when transfered to the web. This was invaluable information as I never knew the importance (or the massive improvement in quality) that a couple of extra simple steps would make. Thanks Jessica! Deeply deeply appreciated!

To view the difference first hand, please refer back to this blog post and see for yourself. If you are curious as to the exact recipe, please email me I'm happy to pass on this awesome little tid bit.

So I want the dirt!! TELL ME PLEASE:D Love leash, Oh Sweet post about steven. You two really are perfect together!! and when can we get our kids together ??? this weather is killing me!
ha ha, thanks for the shout out! how nice of you. =) Funny how such little things can make such a big difference. I felt the same way after I found out about it- i didn't know I was "supposed" to do it either! Live and learn right? So let me know when you want to get together. it would be fun to meet up!
Isn't Jessica Kettle amazing?!? I have learned quite a lot from her blog this past year.
You know I'm totally going to be emailing you as soon as I'm done typing this!!! :)

I'm glad you found something that helps you! There's a huge difference, though I agree that it's not something that should be applied across the board. Maybe it's just my old computer.
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