Peace and Pandemonium

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Rachel and Jenny

***I have gone back and added duplicate pictures that I have sharpened and saved for the web. These are steps I have not ever taken before and only barely realized that I should have been doing all along. Once again, trial and error. I left the originals up just so that we can all see the difference***

The final installment.

And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.
For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.
~Kahlil Gibran



AFTER. Again, Insanely better!!


AFTER. Maybe slightly too sharp? But still, better.


AFTER. Ok, I have to say, I like the softer version better. Good to know. This is not something to be applied across the board. See, I'm learning!


AFTER. I love how the images are clearer and less 'reddy'. Skin looks so much better. On an artsy picture like this though, Im not sure de-saturating the red was necessary but still, I love the clarity!

***So apparently these small extra steps make a HUGE difference. If only I had known before. Now the pictures I post here actually look like they look to me in photoshop when Im editing. Amazing. From now on, my pictures should look much, much better. Well, at least now I have no excuse. Oh happy day!!***

Kiera I love the bridge picture. You are absolutely creative!! What a talent!!! Thanks for sharing.
Very cool!
Very cool!
LOVE the first one. And the last one. And the ones in between. But especially those. Love it with the stained glass and sunflare --> I think you got that one figured out!
I have loved catching up on your blog...I've been out of the blogging thing latley. Darling Christmas pictures and I LOVE seeing what you got. Your kids are so cute and sweet!!!
Leah said the very words I wanted to say! VERY COOL!
I love all the textures you used!
So awesome Kiera. Are they best friends or partners? They just look so awesome and I always love your surroundings and scenery.
Friends not lovers. ;)

I'm loving that I had to clarify that!!!
Yes definitely just friends :)

I like the first picture after the touch up but I like the softness of the rest instead of the more crisp ones, but great regardless. Just an opinion
Great shots! It's so interesting to see the difference.

i like the softer ones i think, at least in some of them...but most noticeably on the one where you thought so too. either way always fun to learn new tips & tricks, we still get so many compliments on all your photos you've done for our family.
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