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Sunday, August 3, 2008


The Return of "The Dress"

A month ago The Dress made her debut on my blog. Since that time, she has been stuck on a dress form at my moms house, completely and totally bored. She has kept herself entertained by scaring people who walk through the living room late at night. Many people have been startled by her. It didn't take long for us to realize that this dress was not just a beautiful weaving of lace and tulle...she was much more. She has an entity of her own. Steven named her Liz.

Liz is very particular about who she will allow to wear her. She is a size 2/4 for heavens sake! I remembered how well Kristina and Liz got along the first time around so I decided to get them both back together to reprise their roles as 'the beautiful Bride' Kristina wearing 'the beautiful Dress' Liz...

***I wanted to add that I have taken the liberty to experiment heavily in photo shop. How am I ever going to learn the program if I don't explore its possibilities?***

Did that scare anyone?

Those pictures do freak me out a little bit. I looked at the first one for a good little while and I know I don't have the eye of an artist so...please let me in on what is going on there. But, you certainly can take a nifty picture.
she doesn't scare me, we are actually good buddies! I love the effects you added, and the musical touch of Portishead bring back all the lovely memories!! once again, you rock!
I ain't skeered.
I like these even better than the first dress shoot. The effects in the first one had me mesmerized for quite some time. . .don't know, but I think I started imagining things that weren't there. The whole series is really very cool and beautiful.

I'm so glad you were really looking. You weren't imagining...I saw them too. If I can recall, there are at least 5 other beings within that picture. Kinda creepy...;)
i am not scared i am stunned. amazing amazing. experiment away because girl, you have some high fashion eye. can i be your subject? my hair can get huge, i'm pregnant AND i will do pretty much anything...

I would LOVE to take your pictures!! Lets talk!
please please PLEASE publish a book and sign my copy. I would pay GOOD money for thse and you know how cheap I am!! Or do a gallery. I want to see these BIG.

utterly fantastical. the effects, the negative, the black and white, the anime-makeup, the scarf, the HOTT boots, the lack of LEGS when she's floating in the AIR....

I can barely wrap my head around it all.
too beautiful to be a ghost! Your frind is gorgeous! like you!
These are absolutely beautiful!!!! I cannot believe how talented you are.
Kiera.. I'm so proud of you!! finally you pick up Twilight! Now you are going to be hungry for more... and your kids will be neglected mine this weekend..Breaking Dawn was out this Saturday and I finished yesterday...AMAZING!!!
I love the " Against My better judgment" part!!hahha!
Love the definitely know how to do a lot more in Photoshop than I do at this point. They look great.
uh oh- me and liz would probably not get along, i would tear her to shreds w/ my size 12 self! but love seeing k. in her- so coooool!
Kiera! I truly am amazed, you are so talented. I love these and every other picture on your blog.
Fabulous!!! Where do I start??? Love the colors, love the edginess, with the innocent.... Great capture!
I just had to look at these again. Kiera + Kristina + Liz + Photoshop = David Blaine style MAGIC
So cool, Kiera. And now I hate Kristina for the size 2/4 thing. :)
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