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Monday, June 30, 2008


The Dress

Here's an equation for you...

AMAZING vintage wedding dress + angsty photographer + gorgeous willing model = Magic!

I was at DI Friday with my mom looking for a costume for a totally different shoot when we came across this incredible little gem. It was marked 50 bucks which would have been a great deal but we asked if they would mark down the price and they did! At DI! We ended up getting it for $25. Total steal!! The images and ideas immediately started pouring in and so I called my friend Kristina and the rest is (like I said before) magic...

***This is a concept photo shoot. The idea is that this beautiful bride is awaiting her groom. In the beginning she is happy and excited. As the pictures progress, she displays her changing cascade of emotions when he doesn't show up. Worry, Anger, Sadness, and ultimately Freedom. (Hence the make-up and the way she is expressing herself.)***

you are quite the artist- and of course kristina is quite the model! how fun was that? are you going to compile a little book of your favorite work or something? i would buy it!
you are amazing!! I love all your ideas and your photoshop extras!! that was such a blast!!!
I can't say how much I LOVE these shots!! Kristina's amazing, the makeup, the dress, the locations, the editing....makes for intoxicating photos.

P.S. Did you get the ANTM photo I sent you of the water nymphs? You can look at it through the facebook group.
ok these are awesome! and i love kristina flipping you off at the end because i just can't picture her doing that.. but i guess i can now.

love the location...!!
WOW!!!! Gorgeous! The mascara reminded me of my sister on her wedding day. That marriage didn't last.
Kiera -- what great ideas!! You are amazing!! I love how Kristina says she had to Squeeze into the dress!! It was great. ANd I have to agree that I couldn't imagine her flipping you off either, but ... well I guess she's just in character, huh??
Gorgeous model, and I love the dress. You just keep getting better and better
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Whoa, I am also shocked..and intrigued. I'm glad you're checking in Rhett...
that shoot looks like it was SO fun to do , I wish I could do stuff like that! Looks like a magazine- an edgy one.
SO cool! You continue to to amaze me!
Fabulous shoot!!! That dress is amazing!! The model gorgeous!!!
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