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Monday, November 21, 2011


Tomorrow Marks One Year

This sweet precious baby of mine turns one year old tomorrow!
I am going to be posting his birth story here.
The whole experience was so intimate and momentous for me last year.
I wanted to keep it for my very own.
It is still deeply personal, but after a year I am ready to share one of the best days of my life with you.

WHAT??? There is NO way it's been a year. I remember him being born like it was yesterday.
Thank you so much for sharing as personal as his birth story! It is nothing short of miraculous and so very touching! Ashley Thalman did a wonderful job on the photos. Birth photography can be so tricky and she captured your families special moment perfectly!

I haven't been reading your blog for that long but are you from Utah? I am 14 weeks pregnant and am new to the area (I live outside to provo utah) and am still "doctor shopping" I would love any recommendations!

also I posted my sons birth story a few months ago

it is a little long...

have a great day

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