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Monday, August 8, 2011


Lily Bear.

My Sophie girl is almost 6 years old!
She lost 2 teeth this summer. The bottom middle teeth.
Danced all summer long and performed so well in her recital last month.
Took swimming lessons and disliked them very much. She prefers NOT to get her face in the water.
She is the best big sister to Asher. He adores her. It's hard not to.
She is a skinny little bean pole and I try to tell her to eat more. She's mostly not interested but she loves her frozen berries.
She loves to play with her friends and dress up like a princess.
She is such a wonderful model and has willingly worked on many of my little projects with me.
The girl can work the camera.
She cleaned her room the other day. It was taking a long time so she made up a song to keep her going.
She sings so well. Remembers lyrics and can carry a tune like nobody's business.
She wants to be in singing lessons. I hope to get her started in the fall.
She will also be taking ballet in the fall. She's such a coordinated little dancer.
She is about to go into first grade! All day school. What will I do without her all day long?
She is my sweet lil' Lily bear and I love her so much!

I love reading your blog Kiera! You are so funny. Your daughter is gorgeous. Isn't it fun? Love mine! Keep running. You will rock the Nebo one. You've got this! Go, Fight, Win, Provo style!! ha ha.
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