Peace and Pandemonium

Thursday, June 23, 2011


7 Months.

My Asher bear is 7 months old and growing so fast!
He crawls on all fours.
He sits up on his own.
He has his two bottom teeth.
He bites me and leaves me covered in bruises. He's vicious.
Drools all the time. More teeth maybe?
He loves to play with Sophia's play kitchen. It's the perfect height for him.
Pulls himself up on all the furniture and stands.
Falls down and cries about it at least 5 times every day.
He adores his brothers and sister and that's an understatement.
He's getting a little bit clingy. Loves his mama.
Eats select solids. Peaches. Applesauce. Pears. Sweet potatoes. Carrots. Bagels. French toast. Yeah, he's fancy.
It's official. His blue eyes are here to stay. I'm so pleased.
He weighs 17 lbs and wears 12 month clothes. My biggest baby.
He hates his car seat because he doesn't like to be restrained.
He has the cutest laugh. Ever.
He is a complete joy and I love spending my days (and nights) with him.

He is so adorable Kiera!! And wow he looks like a mini- Steven!! We miss you guys!
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