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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Skyler and McKenna

But first....
I have been working with film more and more lately and here's why:

1. With Asher bear constantly in my arms, I dont have time to edit anymore. Period. So if I ever want to post pictures to my blog, I only have the time (and lets face it, the patience), to resize and post. Done. None of this Lightroom, raw conversions, sorting through hundreds of photos, lighting and saturation adjustments, photoshop touch ups, blah blah blah. I'm over it. I am all about simplifying.

2. I feel like shooting with film takes me out of my comfort zone. This has proved to be both good and bad but I believe that in the long run this exercise will help me to become a better photographer and a more thoughtful artist.

3. I really like the grain.

4. I feel like the cost of film and processing is well worth the time that I am saving in front of my computer.

To be clear, I in no way think that I am awesome at film shooting. In fact, its quite the opposite. The more I shoot, the more I have become aware of my flaws, but I am hopeful that as I continue to work in the medium and get over my film phobia (in that I don't dare take a picture for fear that it will suck), I think I will find my photographic voice and aesthetic again and hopefully grow closer to what I aspire to accomplish through my work.

Ok, I am officially done talking about it. I wont continue to go on and on about this topic anymore. I promise. :)

* * *

Big thanks to my brother Skyler and his lovely lady McKenna for helping me burn through the last few images on my latest roll of Kodak Portra 160VC.

HOLY CRAP! She is purely magical! You need to take more pics of this goddess creature!
She has awesome eyes and you captured them beautifully.

I totally hear ya on the reasons to shoot film. Hopefully I will get the motivation and gumption to buy a film camera soonish.
Welcome to the FILM side. It's lovely here. :)
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