Peace and Pandemonium

Tuesday, May 31, 2011



I'm obsessed with images of people sleeping.
See what I mean? Cool right?
Sleeping so natural and necessary. Everyone does it. Everyone has to.
There is no primping for sleep. No concerns of what we might look like. No calculated poses.
Only our dreams. The movies we watch in our minds.
When we sleep we are: Unaffected. Unpretentious. Relaxed. Peaceful. Genuine. Honest.
I want to do a sleeping series.
Haven't quite figured out how to go about it but it's on my mind.
Soon it will be brought into fruition.

Yes! Yes, to the sleeping series. I would love to see that. Ooo, that could be such a cool series. do it!
I'm obsessed with my sleeping kids. And have photographed them all week sleeping.
Sleep is awesome. I love that nobody hides anything while they sleep. I can't wait to see this series you're thinking up. Love your work!
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