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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sophia Revisited...In Film

For this first roll of film, I decided to mirror my digital shots for 2 reasons.
1. to ensure that I got the images I wanted. (Digital being my insurance.)
2. to use for comparisons.
(I did the same thing with my black and white roll that hasn't been developed yet. I am experimenting right now, getting an idea for how each camera and each film that I'm using, look.)

These are my color film shots of Sophia in my pearls. There is a definite difference in the look of the image. The grain, the tones of the color. Im not convinced that one is better than the other because I really like them both. However, I will say, I really liked the fact that all I did was resize and post these. No editing whatsoever. That is huge for a mother of four who can barely blog anymore because it takes so much time.

So what do you think? You can view the digital images HERE

these are great! you are inspiring me.
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