Peace and Pandemonium

Friday, April 15, 2011


Dog. Pig. Whatever.

Candice and Mike's dog Chief, spent more than 2 weeks:
1. Slobbering all over my floors and carpets.
2. Breathing so loud that he nearly woke the neighbors.
3. Leaving dog hair EVERYWHERE.
4. And destroying random toys laying around the house.
While I cant exactly say that I miss him...
I do love him.

Until next time buddy...

And hey, my kids miss him tons!!!

Your know why Mike and I have dogs? Because we had a pet hating parent (dad) and we missed out on the joys of animals. (doogie doesn't count because he was poorly trained and I was too young) Point is when your kids are old enough they will probably get dogs and they'll bring them to visit and they'll slobber and drool on every thing. So be happy the little ones get to experience Cheif and Esmé now!
I think dad must have rubbed off on me.
LOL you guys make me laugh but I think Ash may be on to something.
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