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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Classic Steven

This is quite possibly my favorite picture of Steven. It so perfectly captures his humor.

Whenever I try to take pictures of Steven, he goes through about 10 seconds of expression changing. Meaning, he cant decide what mask to put on for his photo op. He thinks, should I be smiling? Serious? Smoldering? Silly? (Look at that alliteration!) Then of course he licks his lips a few times and by the end of this ritual, I'm usually still there, holding my camera in place, waiting for the real Steven to peek through. To say its difficult for me to get a great shot of my hubby is an understatement. He is so incredibly handsome, yet so incredibly difficult to capture.

In this shot, I was holding the baby and the camera. I was trying to direct him into a more relaxed pose. I was effectively trying to coax the real Steven out of him. To do this I showed him, with my body language, the exact way I wanted him to stand/lean against the wall. I told him to mirror my body language exactly.

It was at this moment that he decided to pull out his Steven wit and charm and sarcastically mirror my exact body language. He couldnt believe I "wasted" a frame on this picture.

I knew that it would be my favorite from the whole roll.

These are the other shots we got...

This last shot is my second favorite from the roll. Look at my two handsome boys.

Love you Steven! Happy 10 years to us!

really like!
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