Peace and Pandemonium

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


3 Months

Asher is 3 months old today!

I adore this little angel. He is the absolute sweetest baby I could have ever asked for.
A few of my favorite things about him are...

His smile. He smiles more often than any of my other babies combined.
His happiness. His happiness is equal to my happiness.
His dimple. On his right cheek. Shows up when he smiles and is way too cute for words.
His Charlie Brown hair. Best ever!
His baby blues. Seriously? How did I get so lucky?
His appetite. This kid knows how to nurse and is growing like a weed. I love his chunk.
His cheerful disposition. Truly a gift from God.
The way he enlivens my other children. They each love him so much.
His company. I love toting him around with me.
His spirit. He is bright. So very very bright!
Our relationship. It is symbiotic. I feel so fulfilled.

I love you Asher baby.

He looks like he totally fits in with the other little Haddocks you have created. What a handsome little boy.
oh, he is so beautiful Kiera!!
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