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Monday, January 10, 2011


One. Ten. Eleven.

Sophia is in the absolute cutest stage of life right now.
Steven and I were marveling last night at how incredibly precious and sweet she is.
She says and does the most wonderful things.

For example:
She just walked into my room and said,
"Mom, when I'm grown up and have my very own house, will you send me packages that have pictures of me when I was a kid in them? And some peanut butter?"

My heart cried out "YES!! Of course! I am soooo looking forward to that day! I cant wait to shower you with memories from your childhood and I'd be happy to throw in some peanut butter if that's what will make you happy!"

Hearing this made me realize again, what an important responsibility I have to each of my children now while they are young. I need to visually document their lives for them so that they will be able to recall who they were as children.

After the day to day lives they lead right now have faded from their memories, I want them to remember who they were.
Who they've always been.

Speaking of brilliance.
This is what Sophia wore to school today.
I just HAD to snap a few shots.

Whats with the red shoe lace and the black and white faux glove you ask?
Oh yes, that is to trick her friends into thinking she broke her arm and is now wearing a cast and a sling.
And yes, she took her Fur Real Go Go Walking Pup to school with her today. Sunglasses and all.

Girl's got style. And the bit about making her friends think her arm is broken -- totally something eric would do.
That is funny!!! She's definitely a cutie with S.T.Y.L.E!!!
She is so awesome! I always wanted to break my arm when I was that age, isn't it so funny that little kids think of things like that? I didn't even think about the pain it would be, I just wanted to show all my friends a cast.
Love your photography! My 6 year old daughter in kindergarten just walked into the room when I scrolled to this picture of your daughter and she said "That girl is SOOOO cute!" She loved her outfit! This really is the best age!
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