Peace and Pandemonium

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Our Sweetest Mornings

Baby bear has proven to be the most effective and kindest alarm clock for Sophia.
His cooing immediately wakes her, even from the deepest sleep.

Again, so happy to have my sweet Asher boy here.

Oh my goodness such beautiful kids! Seriously Sophia is going to be SUCH a beautiful woman, she is such a pretty little girl. AND Asher, pure adorable. You are making me want a baby! ;)
Beautiful series of photos, Kiera!! So precious. And the black-and-white conversion was the perfect choice. Have a wonderful Christmas!
WOW. sophia really resembles your sisters in that last image.

glad to see a post from you, and I'm really glad we talked yesterday. I've missed you. Looking forward to a visit soon. xo!
My sisters?!!! What about me? Her mother?
So many precious photos! Love them all, you guys are gorgeous!
P.s. The 5d mark ll
Sorry but I have to agree with Alisha, Sohpia reminds me of Tavia in that picture. The lucky girl! BUT I also thought that Asher has a lot of his mamma in him.
i love these pictures, so precious and simple!!! Beautiful!
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