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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Gratitute Journal: Day Twenty Eight

I am thankful for a peaceful, clean, delicious, gorgeous, happy, calm, 6 day old newborn.

After his first bath at home, Asher Leo was so content and alert. I took the opportunity to photograph him for the first time since getting home from the hospital.
I've been coping with after birth pains which have been much more difficult to deal with than I remember. On top of that I've had a virus making me feel even more yucky. I'm glad I finally felt good enough to get some pics to post of his incredible adorableness. I mean seriously, I personally don't think they come much cuter than this...

I am in absolute love with this little boy.
you guys know how to make some seriously cute babies!! ;-) hope you are on the mend!!
Oh, Kiera, he is precious.
What a beautiful little boy!!! This makes me baby hungry, absolutely adorable.
He is so gorgeous. I don't think you guys can make anything but beautiful babies.
So so cute!! d
He is so handsome. I cannot wait to get him next to his little cousin and see how adorable the two of them are together.
congrats! i'm a friend of justin hackworth's and found your blog through him. we actually just had a little boy the day before you, and yama was our dr., too (i noticed from your post from the delivery). i actually saw you at an appointment a couple weeks ago but wasn"t sure it was you and felt stalkerish asking... anyway, congrats on your bundle. i'm a little jealous yama made it to your delivery. :)
He is so alert and awake. He is also very cute. Congrats!
Congratulations Kiera! He is SO beautiful, I am sorry you are feeling under the weather. Hope you feel better soon!
wowza. he is gorgeous kiera.
god is good! look at those gorgeous eyes, his creamy skin, that sweet and content gaze. lucky mama, lucky baby, lucky family.
(and man, those after pains are a MOTHAH, esp the more babies you have. worse than my labors. boo. hope you feel better sooooon.)
You are not kidding!
Worst I've ever experienced.
Good thing this baby is so irresistible.

Thanks everyone!! I love this boy to pieces. He is just way way way too precious.
he's gorgeous! love the name too. we have an asher gabriel at our house. :)
He is so beautiful and perfect in 1000 ways.

so so happy for your family!!
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