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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Gratitude Journal: Day Two

This morning, Matias woke up at 4:00 am complaining that he was cold and that his neck hurt. While I was in his room sleepily helping him find warmer pajamas I noticed that his glands on either side of his neck were hugely swollen. Like golf ball size on one side and only slightly smaller on the other side. IT FREAKED ME OUT! I immediately checked for a fever and sure enough he felt warm. I quickly got him some Motrin and woke up Steven to help me assess the situation. Of course, Steven was very non-chalaunt and acted as if the huge lymph nodes on my childs' neck were no big deal. I on the other hand was much more concerned. I went straight to computer at 4 in the morning and searched WebMD for some answers. I am so grateful for the wealth of knowledge we all have at our finger tips. I remember when it wasn't that way. The internet is a such an amazing and powerful tool that can greatly help us live better lives. I am so thankful for the easy access to volumes of information literally at my finger tips. What an amazing gift that all of us get to enjoy.

After trying to sleep (and not to worry) for a few more hours, I called my doctor the second the office opened and scheduled an appointment to bring Matias in. After the doctor checked him out, it was determined that he has two ear infections and needed a powerful dose of antibiotics. He is now being treated properly and will hopeful start improving dramatically within the next few days. While I'm not thrilled that Matias turned up sick, I am exceedingly grateful that as a whole I have been blessed with healthy children, a healthy husband, a healthy self and a healthy pregnancy. I cant find words to express how thankful I am for that. On the occasion where someone does get sick, I am so grateful to live in a time where medical technologies are so advanced and treatments are so readily available.

Today I remembered this enormous blessing in my life and I was reminded of how thankful I am for the good health my family is blessed to enjoy.

I hate middle of the night/early morning wake ups with sick children, it makes my heart ache that I can't take away their pain fully. It must be going around my poor little Janey just cried last night and this morning because her head hurt so bad. I love that you are doing this, we have so many wonderful things in our lives that we often over look. And even though my little Jany is sick today I am so thankful to be able to have her in my life.
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