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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Gratitude Journal: Day Eighteen

I'm soooooo thankful for the shocking news I received from my doctor today.

After an exam, she told me that I am 100% effaced and dilated to a solid 4!
4 centimeters!!
I couldn't believe it.

Craziest part is that I have not had any contractions!
Not even one.
I've experienced no pain whatsoever.
Yet, I'm already at a 4.
I am truly blown away.

I was starting to get discouraged thinking that I was not making any progress whatsoever toward having this baby so to find out that in fact I have made progress, and painlessly to boot, I am overjoyed.

Now if only my uterus would start to contract...

That is amazing. I hope the rest of your pregnancy/delivery goes just as smoothly.
oh joy! cant wait for this little guy!
congratulations on that sweet little baby

asher is it? i read a book once with that name in the title

yay babies!
Wohoooo! :) I saw in your facebook picture here in the right! Congratulation for you! I can't wait your photos! Hugs from Hungary!
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