Peace and Pandemonium

Monday, November 8, 2010


Gratitude Journal: Day Seven

Last night we traveled to Salt Lake to eat dinner with my sister Ashley and her boyfriend Joseph at their apartment.
Joseph cooked chili which was wonderful (and super spicy for the prego lady trying to induce an early labor).
The fact that Joseph was excited about cooking was especially great because us Saenz women DO NOT COOK!
It goes against our code of ethics. ;) Plus, we tend to burn things.
My sister Tavia was there as well and we all enjoyed an evening of good food, video games on mute (which is why it was enjoyed) and Toy Story 3.
It was such a stress free, family friendly, fun night.
I loved every minute of it.
I think we all did.

I'm so grateful for my sisters and the men who love them.
They mean the world to me.
I'm thankful for the relationships we all share with one another.
It's so nice to spend a quiet evening at home with family.
Especially when it's not my home and I don't have to do the clean up afterward.

Enlightened people are always fascinating.
I love reading your gratitude journal, it reminds me I have so many blessings in my life to be grateful for. Thank you...:)
I loved it too, lets do it again soon.
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