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Monday, November 1, 2010


Gratitude Journal: Day One

I have so much to be grateful for!

This month I'm going to try to put a small fraction of it into words. I will try to limit it to one or two things a day but just thinking about my blessings has me gushing to write for pages and pages. Also, since my baby is due this month, I may miss a day or two. I hope you will forgive me for that. I will catch up though. I WILL!!!

Today I am grateful for this incredible urge to nest! I have never gotten so much done in such a short amount of time. My house is looking amazing. Clean, decorated, organized. Not perfect mind you but hey, I'm impressed. I would like to hire a cleaning service to come over for a few hours and clean all my baseboards, doors and walls because bending over is nearly impossible for me right now, but other than that, the home front is lookin' good.

I'm also so grateful for my graphic designer, Tyler Bingham, who just this morning, presented me with the coolest logo image I could have possibly asked for. I'm not ready to reveal it yet as the design work is not completed but I have to say I am soooooo excited to get the ball rolling on my official business branding! It's been a long time coming and my goal is to be all professional and such by the time I come back from my maternity leave. I CANT WAIT!

Last week, I commissioned a painting from Sophia to hang in a 16x20 frame. Look at the amazing work she produced in under 2 hours. She worked so hard and I did little more to help her than to encourage her. She is a very talented artist. I find myself literally blown away by her drawings on a regular basis.
Which reminds me, I'm also grateful for Sophia. Very, very grateful!

What are you grateful for today?

i'm looking forward to following your gratitude journal entries this month kiera!

i doing much the same. man, i love november:)
sigh. i love this month. we started our thankful tree for family home evening tonight and it is the highlight for me of the month. I cannot wait to make the glorious thankful meal that is not ruined by greedy present time. (not that christmas is always that....) i'm grateful for you and our wonderful conversation the other day, and also for my rad husband. i'm so lucky.
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