Peace and Pandemonium

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Gratitude Journal: Day Nine

I am guilt ridden for not posting for so many days.
It's not because I'm an ingrate. I promise.
Really it's because I'm exhausted and I have so many other things that I'm trying to accomplish before this baby comes so blogging just feels like a waste of time.
Then I started thinking...
I've been expecting this baby every night for the past week and he hasn't bothered to show up.
Maybe he wont come until all of my loose ends are tied up. ??
Maybe that includes catching up on this blog??
Either way, I'm going to try much harder to blog with a heart full of thanks and fulfill my commitment to write in a daily gratitude journal.

Right now I'm thankful for forgiveness.

I'm thankful that I know you will forgive me for being a lousy blogger.
I'm thankful that I am about to have a baby even though he is making me wait so long to meet him. You see, I forgive him for that. :)
I'm thankful that whenever we make mistakes, we can always ask for forgiveness.
And I'm most thankful that our Father in Heaven is always ready and eager to forgive us if we will but ask.

What a beautiful blessing.

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