Peace and Pandemonium

Friday, October 1, 2010



Of all the disgusting, hideous, grotesque, creepy crawlies that exist in this world, these gross me out the very most.
Isaiah found this massive tarantula two houses away from ours.
In the wild!
Off his leash!
I was freaking out!!

To think that these spiders actually roam around in my neighborhood was enough to get me on the phone with the exterminator. STAT!
I told him it was an emergency!
He came out the very next day.
I havent really rested easy since.


When I lived in Eagle Mountain we had one about that size in our GARAGE!!! The garage had been left open for a couple of hours by mistake. Ewwwww
Yikes!!!!! So creepy.
A couple years ago I was up in Hobble Creek canyon and as we were driving home I spotted one on the road. We pulled over and watched it. I took a bunch of pictures of it. Now I use those photos for Halloween decoration each year.
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