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Thursday, September 16, 2010


The O'Neal Family

I've been raving about Jessie O'Neal on my blog for a while now.
Well guess what?
She hired me to take her family portraits this year!!
I felt so honored.
This photo shoot was like a dream.
Awesome locations, perfect lighting, cooperative kids who are obviously the children of a photographer.
I had so much fun taking these images and being present while this family interacted with one another.
I've been on a bit of a high ever since.

Thanks O'Neal fam! You are MUCH appreciated. :)

Oh Kiera! They love them- how could they not? I want to see more...
These are so beautiful and fun!
One of my many favorites is the last one.
I love love love them all!
This is my second time back to view them! It's late but my whole body is screaming from the inside out!
Kiera. WOW! I said I was after fun candid artistic shots, and you nailed it! I think I love you! ;) Those ones of me with my kids splashing around melt my heart.
Thanks again, and again!
I will cherish these forever.
I love these pictures. I know this family very well and think you couldn't have captured them better. Especially the mom and daughter picture. Well done!
kiera, these are amazing. absolutely stunning!
beautiful.. I love the expressions and mom's hands in pic # 6
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