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Wednesday, September 1, 2010



By far one of my most favorite photographers ever.

Duston Todd has a creative flair that is so unique and unconventional that I often wonder how deep the well goes that he is tapping.
I mean seriously, he must have more than one and they all seem infinite.
Maybe he has a circle of wells?
Maybe these wells of his are surrounding a sea of creative inspiration and he's draining them???
That would certainly explain his shirt. ;)
For reals though, this man never seems to run out of ideas.
After getting to know him better over the past month or so, I am learning that this is just the way his mind works.
He doesn't ever seem to try very hard to blow peoples' minds.
Truly a gifted artist and creative visionary.
His natural talent just happens.

I like rubbing shoulders bumping belly's with him. :)

Duston shot an amazing bridal session with Matt and Kate (who had probably my most favorite engagement shoot EVER) last night.
I came to "assist", hang out, laugh at his slightly inappropriate jokes, do his grunt work, eat his candy faster than him, and photograph him in action.
More behind the scene images from this session when the the official blog is posted.

This photo was shot at 9 o'clock pm, under a fluorescent light, outside of a 7-11 where I got a pina colada/cherry slurpee and Duston tried to be all healthy and opted for a bottle of water.
So much for drinking a milkshake.

Duston was healthy? Ha ha! Great post about an awesome person. I had the privilege of working with him last year as an intern. You highlighted some his best qualities.
I love the shot you captured of him.
That engagement session was AWE.SOME. So fun and original and quirky and hip. LOVE.

Also love your thoughts on Miss Sophie in school. Isaac and eric started today. I need to journal it as well.

Also, MUST get with you soon. Rub your belly. =D xo
wow! thanks for such a flattering post!!
it was a blast to rub belly's and shoot pics with you!
and your kind words are sincerely appreciated.

...and dude, what kind of crow foot would you call that on the side of my face??? freakin' hurricane fat head...(i do like the pic) thanks for sharing.
and tiff...what the hell? "duston was healthy?" saying that as if you are shocked. i know i am a big boy but i have always been capable of eating healthy....silly woman. (teasing)

yes, i promise to continue to suck the wells of inspiration, and pass on the milkshakes...thanks for your humor and fun post!!!
crows feet are the pathways to the soul....

I totally just made that up off the top of my head.
I'll be the first to admit that it's total crap.

I like the lines and texture and lets face it you're old.
Wait we're the same age. Damn!
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