Peace and Pandemonium

Saturday, August 14, 2010


The Stamper Family

Fall is in the air.
I feel it.
I sense it.
The cool.
The crispy.
The beginnings of my favorite time of year!

It's also the beginning of family photo season!! Yay!

To celebrate, I got to photograph one of my most favorite families ever!
You may remember them from last year.
Since then, they have grown in love, happiness, and numbers.

If you are interested in booking a family photo shoot for your family, please contact me at
My schedule is filling up fast and I am only accepting a limited number of commissions this year because of the bun in my oven. :)

oh. my....... sigh. you're just what a girl needs friendship and photography wise. so pleased, as i knew i would be. its so RELAXING being photographed by you. that last one is definitely a canvas for the living room.
I love these photos. May I ask what f-stop you shot the 4th photo at? (The one of the mom and son).

Do you have a strategy for shooting at a low f-stop but keeping more than one face in focus? Do you just try to keep them on the same plane?

Hi Angela,
That photo was shot at f/2.0 1/4000 at 400 ISO. :)
I always try to focus on the part of the person closest to me knowing that 2/3 of the focus plane will be behind my focal point and 1/3 is in front of the focal point.
ah girl, look at you being all technical! love it!
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