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Friday, August 13, 2010


My Lily

I'm a big believer in following your energy.
I am convinced there is power in it.
Especially when it comes to personal and creative expression.

Well the other day I followed my whim and brought Sophia along for the ride.
We cut her hair.
Totally off.

You see, we used to have a problem.
She would never let me comb it.

I wanted it to grow out until I realized that practically speaking, she just isn't ready for the maintenance that long hair requires.
She starts Kindergarten this fall and I knew it was time to mix it up.
She has never gotten so many compliments on her hair before.

It's a hit!

This new look inspired some beautiful images of my soon to be five year old princess.
My heart flutters everytime I look at her.
My Lily is beautiful if I do say so myself. :)

perfect and beautiful.
Oh how I envy how adorable she looks with that cut. My girls are the same with their hair. Aubrey is worse, but I don't think either of them would look as cute as she does with super short hair. LOVE IT!
Gorgeous! The black and white shots are incredible and immediately put a smile on my face.

And this makes me want to chop my hair off...
Gorgeous! I am absolutely blown away by the second one.
She is such a beauty!

ps thanks for your comment on my blog! You made my day, serious!
incredible. i see so much of her sexy mama in her, and then the pic of her smiling in the grass... totally your husband. she has your mystery. and those EYES. good night.

Simply gorgeous!
ahhh! so beautiful! it was so nice to watch you do this a bit yesterday!
Crap. I might have to chop mine again. Dang you for making your daughter look so good.
She is so gorgeous! I loooooove her hair, I want it for my own. It should only take me a year or so to grow my hair out and by then she'll probably have another adorable hairstyle that I'll be a year of growing behind, I'll never catch up.
Oh wow. Completely amazing. I have followed your blog for a while and I love your work.
Holy Crap she is a beauty. These are just breathtaking.
(found you through Alisha)
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