Peace and Pandemonium

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


And Now, Some Words

My little Sophie is taking a bath.
She dumped a whole bunch of smelly lotion in the water thinking it would turn into bubbles.
It didn't.
She's wonderful.

While she bathes, I am thinking about a few things.
Today is Tuesday and Miss Sophie starts Kindergarten tomorrow.
My baby! My youngest, for now, is starting her schooling years.
I am beaming with pride and yet uneasy with how fast time flies by.

I am planning on taking some pictures of my big five year old today.
She had her birthday on Thursday the 26th.
It went unoticed on my blog, but in real life, we celebrated.
I will make it up to her and me and you in the next day or so.

Fall is on the horizon.
It never fails to have the same effect on me.
My soul is stirring. Stretching, yawning and AWAKENING.
My heart is leaping with excitement for the joy that this season holds.

I've been trying to contemplate the fact that I'm having a baby in less than 3 months.
A brand new baby. !!!
A loving gift from God given especially to me.
I am in the process of preparing myself for it.

A Mother.
The most sacred calling a woman can have.
The most treasured blessing I can imagine.

I want to be present.
I have this overwhelming desire to soak it all in.
My third trimester. My pregnant form. My eagerness and anticipation. My fears and concerns. The beautiful unknown.
I want to feel it all fully.

September is my month of work.
I am so excited for this month!!
I cant wait to create. To see the unseen. To anticipate decisive moments.
To capture love.

October is my month of devotion to myself and my family.
My birthday is on TEN TEN TEN this year. I'm very excited.
I will be connecting to my mind and body this month. Empowering myself and building up my reserves.
Dreaming in full fall colors.

November is my month of anxious anticipation and giddy excitement.
Last minute preparations which lets be honest, will probably mean ALL preparations.
Sleepless nights spent imagining my litttle guy. His skin, his smell, his innocence.
The miracle of birth!

December is my month of exhaustion and probably a little freaking out!


10/10/10 that's awesome.
Kiera Haddock, mother, photographer, friend, writer. I love you in all of these capacities.
sigh. i love love love you. excited about all your months coming, excited about your little guy, excited about your anxious desire to grow. its contagious and beautiful!
and great words they are!!! enjoyed every one of them.
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