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Saturday, August 14, 2010



Alisha and I met a year and a half ago ish and I continue to be so blessed by her friendship.
Her photography is so unique and inspiring.
She uses a large format camera and film which I often envy.
She specializes in women and women's issues.
Her photographs never fail to speak to you on deeper levels than just visually and that is her intention.
She uses her talent as her voice unlike any other photographer I've ever known.
She has technical skills like you would not believe.
She inspires me! Everyday.
As a photographer.
As a mother.
As a friend.
As a spiritual confidant.
As a sister.
Plain and simple, I adore her!
Plus....she's soooo fun to photograph. Isn't she pretty?

You can learn more about Alisha HERE.

I have a lot of friends who are photographers.
I love meeting and getting to know other like minded people.
I want to start a personal project where I can focus on photographing other photographers.
At work. At play. With their families. With me.
I'm always fascinated by how my peers work and how they look while they are working.
I always ask myself, how are we different and how are we the same?
Not to mention, some of my best friends fit into this category so not only will I be photographing photographers, but my friends as well.
Watch for more of these posts in the future.

I saw your photos of Alisha on facebook and came over to check them out. Love them! I also just spent a good chunk of time perusing your archives. I am definitely a fan of your work now. :-) And also, you have gorgeous children!
Awesome work as always! I think it is a great idea to take photos of a photographer, I know for me I am rarely in any pictures as I am always the one with the camera:)
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