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Friday, July 2, 2010


Spilling the Beans

I've had a secret.

For a long time.
I kept my secret.
My secret kept getting bigger and bigger.
It got harder and harder to keep.
Eventually there was no hiding my secret.
It was pretty obvious.
But I still kept it.

A few weeks ago I stopped trying to keep my secret.
I admitted it proudly to all who inquired.
What a cherished relief!
"No, I'm not fat, I'm just pregnant!"
But still, I never spoke of it on Facebook.
Or on the phone.
Or on my blog.
Until now.

Why wait so long you ask?
Because we had two big surprises to deliver first.
First to my dad and his lovely wife Terrisa last week in Idaho.
Then to Stevens parents who are visiting from Florida this week.
They had no idea.
We finally got to show off our baby Bun in person!
It was fun. :)
It was a secret worth keeping.

But now its time to share.
Time to share the news with everyone.
Let everyone know that I am officially 19 weeks along! Due November 27.
Let everyone know that I will now be updating my Facebook status with pregnancy related info.
Let everyone know that on Tuesday we will find out the sex of our baby Bun.
I can hardly wait!
Let everyone know that we are thrilled to be adding to our family.

I am delighted to feel my precious Bun kicking around inside me.
Oh how I have longed for those feelings of life growing within.
It is such a pleasure knowing that I am participating in the most feminine act possible.
Creation. Growing a child.
It's crazy to think that I will be changing diapers again in 5 short months.
Oh help me!

We are ecstatic!

i knew it. just something about you whispered to me, I'm prego. so so so happy for you!
I love that you spilled the beans and that we are only a few weeks apart in our pregnancy. Mike thinks your Baby Bun is a boy you HAVE to call me and let me know when you find out so I can start the shopping spree.

I am so happy for you and your family! Congrats again!
congratulations!!!! i love how you wrote this post. i agree, nothing more beautiful then knowing there is a baby inside me.
Yay! I'm glad everything is going well, how exciting! And amazing that you kept it a secret for so long. What a beautiful maternity outfit too!
What a cute baby bump!! Love it!! You are so beautiful pregnant!! Congrats!!!
you look awesome.
Congratulations Kiera! You're beautiful!
Congrats, Kiera! Your little bump is so cute. :)
Never been more excited my friend.
This baby has been waiting for so long! I am just excited that he or she will be apart of such an amazing family. LOVE YOU!
Congratulations! We are so excited for you! We look great! Can't wait to hear what it is.
oh kiera! i'm SO excited for you. i can't believe you're already 19 weeks and you kept it quiet for that long... i would have burst!
YES! I am so happy that the baby cat is out of the bag...I LOVE YOU MAMA!
So excited for you and your new little one! See you in October.
KIERA!!!!!!! That is so awesome!! I'm so excited for you guys! I'd love to get together sometime with the kids =)
So excited for you! And you look just beautiful. I can't believe you were able to keep it mostly secret for so long. Can't wait to fin out what you're having!
Oh, I almost missed this post! Congrats Kiera!
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