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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Quick Question...

Are my pictures too big for your screen?

I realize that I am spoiled with a 27 inch wide format computer screen.
To me, the images are the perfect size but I was recently reminded that I need to play to my audience.
Should they be smaller?
Would it look better to you if they were?
If so, I can try out some different sizes but I'll need your input to steer me in the right direction.
I'm counting on you.

What say ye?

I've been thinking the same thing! I think that vertical images are too big, on my blog as well, but horizontal ones are fine. I'm thinking of switching mine to be 640 high so that they are not too big, and they will load faster.
Either way your pictures are beautiful!
typed a long comment, didn't get the right verification, and closed the window too soon.

the pics are a {little} big, but not enough to worry about or change anything, IMO. And I have an old monitor. I do remember a collage of 9 pics that I had to click to enlarge and see everything, but you don't do those often.
It probably depends on what the screen resolution of your readers is set to. I look at your blog on a 15" MacBook but I have my res set to 1280 x 800 so everything fits just fine. If their resolution is set to a smaller number then the pictures will be too large.
I like the size that you show them. I think it is perfect.
They are perfecto for me!
They come as perfection for me as well.
they are perfect to me and mine are about 20 inch screens.
They look perfect on my 27 inch mac screen...I don't see what the problem is

Ha! Exactly!!
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