Peace and Pandemonium

Sunday, July 18, 2010



Someone had the bright idea to have all the guys dangle from the tree branch for picture.

I had the idea to take it a step further.

I suggested they wrap their legs around each other. Get all cozy together!
Jim bailed. He wasn't about to be seen wrapping his legs around a grown man.
Or worse, with a mans legs wrapped around him!
Dan and Greg all too easily succumbed to my peer pressure and lifted those legs for a nice tight wrap.
All Steven could do was laugh while being hugged in the most unusual of ways.
I was left to snap my camera vehemently.
Laughing uncontrollably at how easy it was to get these guys to make total fools out of themselves.
All the while knowing that I would later embarrass them in front of the masses...

Well at least the people who read this blog. :)
Those crazy Haddocks!!

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