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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A Birth Story

There were so many beautiful pictures from this birth.

Maybe it was because it was my dear friend Ashley who was having the baby.
Despite being in intense labor pains, she remained vibrant, lovely and oh so photogenic.

Maybe it was because the light flowing in through the window late in the afternoon was just enough to illuminate this story as it unfolded.

Maybe it was because of all the love and support that surrounded Ashley and Cade on this day.
Family members patiently waiting for hours on end in the waiting room.
The excitement, encouragement, and the pep talks.
There was so much support and the love came through in each picture.

The answer is YES.
Yes to all three.

And to top it off, the crowned jewel of the day...

Johnny Parker Thalman.

* * *

In closing, two things I really want to say.

1. It was very difficult to choose the right images to show and the right number of images to present. Births are so deeply personal and intimate and as a witness with a camera I was given the exclusive right to capture these moments without restriction. Posting them on a blog for all to see is a much more discernible task. I hope that I have made the right choices while still staying true to the authenticity of the day.

2. Being an invited guest at this birth made me feel like the most special friend and honored guest. Thanks Ash! I love you.

These made me cry. So beautiful. You are so talented and lovely. Thanks for sharing:)
These made my day Kiera! What an event for our family and what a perfect one for you to document.

Your courage, encouragement, kindness, mindfulness, artistic perspective, love, and compassion are all communicated so carefully here and they will be cherished by our family forever. Kiera, we love you.
I don't feel like my comment was adequate. Are our thank yous ever adequate? From one mother to another Kiera- thank you so so much for being there for me. Not just with the camera, but without the camera too. I can still hear your sweet voice encouraging me...
Wow! What an amazing job you did capturing all of the emotion of the day! Nice job Kiera!!!'
Hi there, I follow your blog as I found you through Ashley a while ago. I am a photograper from Edmonton, Alberta. Canada. I think that your photo's and what you wwwrite about your family, and friends is always very wonderful. This post is beautiful and you really did capture every emotion of labour and having a baby... Thank you for inspiring me...with your work! You and Ashley are very lucky to have eachother.

i can't believe how much johnny looks like ash in the crying picture but looks JUST like cade in the picture of the two of them with their faces together.

i love them, nice job kiera.
and ashley:)
Thank You!
The picture without the bed made me feel so empty, knowing what Ashley wanted, but then there is a picture of the most beautiful little boy and the emptiness filled, I'm guessing that Ashley felt that 1000 times stronger. Good job capturing that, and making me feel it through your pictures
This is beautiful, absolutely perfect! This will be treasured for many many years to come. Ashley, you are indeed beautiful and photogenic - you can hold your head high. That is one gorgeous boy that you brought into this world.
Thank you, Kiera, for sharing your talents to capture such moments of people we love.
I've heard a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures are worth about 3 million.

Support. Love. Pain. Escalation. Anguish. Unmet expectations. Fear. Anticipation. New life. Beauty. Joy. Pure love. Peace.

Ashley is incredible and you are a true artist. xo
I just got arrived home in Atlanta today after spending a week with Ashley and her beautiful family. These photos are so fricken amazing, ( i'm so serious it makes me want to swear!) that I just cried and felt my heart almost stop. Kiera, You're an incredible photographer and you have given us all a priceless gift. What an honor to us and to yourself.
Thank you,
Tears and tears and tears. These are absolutely amazing images. I am utterly moved.
So amazing. Crying a lot. The most powerful birth story I've witnessed.
nothing but tears of awe and joy over here. xoxo
Oh man. I just love that Ashley so fricken much! These of course are gorgeous & truly a work of art in every sense if the word. The most beautiful beauty comes from beautiful souls, and this here is some heartbreakingly beautiful beauty.
I sound like a dumbass, don't I? I'll shut up.
Words can't express how deeply moved I am by seeing these pictures. This was a beautiful blog, I would have to ay my favorite you have ever done. The picture of the empty delivery room when they took her to have a c-section was so raw and I felt my heartbreak for her. You are an amazing woman thank you for sharing your talents with us. I am truly, utterly, amazed right now.

Congratulations to Ashley, Cade! They are a beautiful family.
These are amazing, Kiera. The photos of Ashley crying break my heart. You captured the pain and triumph of a child's birth, well to put it quite simply, perfectly.
Kiera, these photos are marvelous and the best birthing photos I have ever seen. They portray the raw and beautiful emotion of such a wonderful event.

And now, I'm thoroughly convinced that when I have my babies eventually, I will have it photographed.
More tears over here.
I love how you captured the raw emotion of the day. I love your work, and I am inspired. My daughter and I just photgraphed one of my other daughters birth of her little girl. I can tell you it is a day of emotions flying everywhere, from all family members. My daughter Andrea, placed her daughter for adoption. We were so blessed to have that time, and to document it for her. What a blessing for our family. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.
those were so beautiful and true to life; they brought back so many memories. Congratulations!
And does every hospital in America have the same little hats and baby blankets?
ps that happened to me too.
You are amazing!
So beautiful!! Wish you could have been there for the births of my children :-)
So well done. Just lovely. The way it was all put together was so powerful. A whole story without any words.
i'm late, i know, but i love this all just as much. i LOVED the shot of the empty room too—because it takes talent to see the story of the empty room. i'm glad i got to hear ashley tell before i saw the images; i think it made that empty room not sad for me, but already triumphant. she accomplished a lot in that room.

anyway, super cool. wish i still 'lived in your ward' and you could do this for me. ;) somehow talented, gifted and smart don't even sum you up.
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