Peace and Pandemonium

Sunday, May 9, 2010



Hannah graduates from high school this month and to celebrate her coming of age we went out together for an elongated photo session. The light was perfect for portraits. Soft and diffused overcast. However, I always seem to want more and I kept longing for the sun to break through the clouds so that we could catch some sunflare. We chased that illusive light all evening long. We never caught up.

This constant search for light led us to a number of interesting stops along the way and the result was a wide variety of locations and moods. We had so much fun together!!

Then to top it off, Hannah introduced me to the largest ice cream cone I have ever seen in my life. I've never even imagined anything even close to the monstrosity that is the kong kone. It made me very happy. :)

Oh yeah.
I brought back comments.
For fun.
For a while. :)

I love the one with her beautiful hair in the grass. And that last one with the purple is gorgeous.

So glad comments are back!
Finally. Geesh, I feel like we haven't been friends because I can't comment. So comment I will, love these.
Gorgeous as usual. You are in incredibly talented photographer.

And I'm more than a little bit scared of that 'kone'
I really love that purple one too!! These are great Kiera!!
The picture of her hair in the grass is absolutely fantastic! I love the texture and color of both mingling with each other.
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