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Monday, February 22, 2010


The Edwards Family

When editing photos from any session there are always a few that strike me more than the others. Usually this is because they are not your everyday average picture. For one reason or another, they feel more authentic. These are the pictures I like to post here. The pictures that stand out to me. I fancy the unique, the unexpected, the extraordinary.

The Edwards Family themselves are extraordinary which must be why I was so drawn to them. The birth of this sweet baby was one that will not be soon forgotten. He made his entrance into the world while his parents were driving to the hospital. He was ready to come before they could get there so his dad pulled the car off the side of the road and DELIVERED THE BABY HIMSELF!! Can you even imagine? In the back seat of their car! The bravery it must have taken to do that! Both for dad and mom. It's unbelievable. The paramedics arrived just after baby boy was all snuggled up on his mommy's chest.

What a way to come into the world. Greeted first and foremost by your loving and adoring parents.
Meet the Edwards Family.

I absolutely adore how no one is looking at the camera. That feels real to me.

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I love how this feels just like a day in their lives -- not a photo shoot. Brother's interest in a diaper change, baby yawning and crying, reading books, nursing.....I love it all.

And I can't believe baby came in the car!!! I was thinking of going to Orem Community, but maybe that's too far!
Wow! SO great!!
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