Peace and Pandemonium

Thursday, January 7, 2010


My Little Artiste

Before getting into the bath this morning, Sophia entertained herself with her trusty notebook and her purple marker.
This burst of creativity resulted in a picture of our "ever-expanding" family.

Pictured below from left to right: Gus (our cat), me, Matias (but only if looked at in the mirror), Isaiah, Dad.
Second row: Fairy (Sophia's little sister), Sophia, Angel (Sophia's older sister), Little Ick and Wendy. These are Sophia's little sisters that haven't been born yet.
(The only one who actually exists in this bottom row is Sophia.)

looks like you're back! these and the bath ones are incredible, I LOVE THEM!
My most recent Soph is hanging on my fridge and Cade and I admire it.
I love that little girl. I do agree with Ms Stamper that her mama is back too.
So does she know how to spell all those herself? Thats awesome. Elora can only write her name herself, everything else I have to spell for her.
Love the first one the best, black and white is perfect for it.
Sounds like someone needs a sister! She's so cute!
She is too dang cute! Me and mike decided if we could clown a child it would be her. She is adorable. If ever you want you can send some of her glorious art work my way my fridge could use some color.
lol i said clown and not clone my bad.
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