Peace and Pandemonium

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Happiness is...

Miss Sophie and I hanging out in our pajamas all day long.
Then having her tell me that we aren't lazy for not getting dressed.
Instead we are just twins.

My heart just leapt for joy.

I love those days and I love her comment. How sweet!
Seriously I don't think she can get any more sweet. I wish I had a pajama day today, maybe tomorrow.
love her sweet lil comment and the photos to match (sunflare- swoon!) - hope your pajama day was all kinds of lovely :-)
that is absolutely perfect :)
I know you don't NEED to hear this, but these are gorgeous! Please print them!
I am getting married and am in the market for a photographer. I love your work and am just wondering if you would be up to doing engagements, bridals and a wedding. Please email me and let me know :)
I literally gasped at these pictures. I love how you capture the light and the mood so perfectly. You know my daughter is the same age as yours, these almost made tears come to my eyes. Perfect.
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